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During our recent Shot of Texas Whiskey with Ty Phelps, co-founder of Andalusia Whiskey Co. we discussed his go-to whiskey cocktail when not drinking whiskey with a touch of water is old-fashioned.Like Ty, we are not a fan of muddling fruit in the drink, and while he typically makes his with rye, we are mixing it up a bit (who would have thought) to include their flagship product Stryker.The recipe he describes is a similar combination of spirits, bitters, water and sugar of seventy-six years earlier.The perennial darling of the craft-cocktail set, Buffalo Trace is the go-to spirit for a classic old fashioned.

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Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass with ice and stir briskly.With flavors ranging from light rum to dark rum to spiced rum and more, picking the right rum for your drink can be a little confusing.Learn how to cook great Old fashioned with rye. deliver fine selection of quality Old fashioned with rye recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips.Some people say that the Old Fashioned is one of the first cocktails ever created.The Old Fashioned (in its classic form, a stirred whiskey cocktail with sugar, bitters, and a twist) is a drink whose garnish is critical, relying on the subtle lift of orange oils to balance the.For decades, the Old Fashioned cocktail has held icon status among whiskey aficionados and drink-recipe-Luddites.Rum, a drink once reserved for pirates and mojitos, is smooth, slightly sweet and found in hundreds of delicious cocktails.

Muddle sweet cherry with aromatic orange before adding in a rich orange liqueur and handcrafted bourbon.Whiskey, whisky, or even bourbon makes the winter taste better and the cold disappear.For decades it has suffered under the reputation of something your grandmother drank — overly sweet, fruit-laden and spritzed-up.First made by Abraham Overholt in 1810 and produced in the Jim Beam portfolio, we recommend it for a light, summery Old Fashioned with a bit of spice to.

Club soda is often used to top off this drink, but this is not a traditional method.

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Commercial simple syrups can vary, but a good rule of thumb for the better ones is 7-9g sugar per half ounce. 2 ounces apple cider has about 6-7g sugar.An affordable whiskey that will impress even your snobbiest friends, Willet 4 Year Rye is well-balanced and richly complex.

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In an old fashioned glass muddle cherry, orange, bitters, and sugar cubes.

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Rye, the backbone of the original recipes for the Manhattan, Sazerac, and Old-Fashioned, spent much of the last few decades losing ground to bourbon and Tennessee whiskey.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, Rye whiskey sales have increased 536% in the past five years.A raspberry Old Fashioned Cocktail recipe made with fresh raspberries, rye whiskey, bitters, and a bit of sugar.

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For more satisfying sips, take a look at these Top Rated Scotch Whiskies.The best part of cocktail culture is experimenting and finding the right liquids and recipes which suit you.

One of the great classic bourbon cocktails, the Old Fashioned was invented in Louisville, KY.

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And while there are plenty of delicious variations, nothing beats the classic.

Test your favorite bartenders knowledge and technique with this simple but often badly made cocktail.

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The Old Fashioned Cocktail was most likely originally made with rye whiskey.


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